Mini Case Study - John

This is a brief outline of a series of sessions with one of my clients. His name and some other key details have been changed to protect his privacy.

Craniosacral Therapy With Ruth

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John, age 44

Symptom Profile

John is physically very fit and athletic. He plays hockey competitively. His sporting activities are being disrupted by episodes of very severe cramp. The cramp has been increasing in frequency and intensity over a period of years. He has recently been diagnosed with a neuroma, a growth of neural tissue in his foot, and he is taking medical advice on this. He has had to scale back his training and competitive activities. He is very frustrated, feeling older than his years and less able to be competitive than he’d like.

My Assessment

John's system feels very charged with neural activity. He can't relax into the rest/digest aspect of his nervous system and seems stuck in fight/flight mode. His nervous system is constantly on high alert ready to fire at the slightest provocation. I suspect that the pain from the neuroma is triggering his nervous system into hyperarousal and that this is at the heart of his episodes of cramp. Each time he puts weight on his foot it irritates the nervous system and each time he gets cramp it winds it up a little higher. His nervous system seems stuck in an upward spiral of hyperactivity.

The Sessions

At each session John and I work on settling his system. I use my hands-on skills to create the circumstances in which his body can rest a little and encourage him to notice the resulting sensations. Each session he can let go a little further and is constantly surprised how relaxed his body can be. Each new level of dropping deeper into relaxation is a revelation. He gradually learns how to down-regulate his nervous system and allow it to access its rest/digest mode. He finds he can start to do this at home on his own. After 5 or 6 sessions John reports a significant reduction in cramp. A few sessions later and he went a whole week without cramp. At the beginning, contact with his feet was intolerable but after about 10 sessions I was able to make contact with his feet and start taking the pressure off the neuroma and unravelling the related "cringing away from pain" patterns held in his body.  After 15 sessions John had been cramp free for weeks and even the tingly pre-cramp sensations had vanished.  He may well need some medical treatment for the neuroma and an operation is a possibility. The Craniosacral work will help his physiology prepare for and recover from whatever medical treatment is necessary. John's willingness to learn something new and incorporate it into his daily life is pivotal in the progress he is making. 

John's Comments

The craniosacral treatments from Ruth have completely changed the way I can physically relax my body to enable nerves and muscles to repair and settle down from "zinging" the entire time causing a lot of cramp. The sessions are wonderful in a way I had not expected. I float away and seem to go into another zone and allow my body to sort out whatever needs to happen. It has been an amazing experience even though at the start I had no belief that it would be so effective. 

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