Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a very light touch, hands-on therapy that augments the body's innate expression of health.

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy With Ruth

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In the late 1940s an Osteopath, Dr Sutherland, noticed that the bones of the head (the cranium) move in relationship to each other and that in turn a bone at the end of the spine (the sacrum) moves with them. He started working osteopathically with these movements and Cranial Osteopathy was born.  In the 1970's Dr Upledger, another Osteopath, noticed that the rhythmic pulsing of the cerebral spinal fluid seems to drive the subtle movements of the bones of the head. He developed Craniosacral Therapy and in time the Biodynamic form was developed.

Craniosacral Therapy with Ruth

Although initially focused on the cerebral spinal fluid and the bones of the cranium and the sacrum in time it was realised that every part of the body is subtly moving all the time. The metabolic processes that take place in our bodies involve fluid movements. A healthy body has freedom to move at this subtle metabolic level but when that flow gets compromised or becomes stagnant the stage is set for disease.


Your body is always working at keeping your internal environment stable to prevent harmful changes to the composition of body fluids and to the environment inside your cells. In the medical profession this is known as homeostasis. Your body is constantly adjusting your physiological systems to maintain homeostasis within the prevailing circumstances.  Inevitably when the circumstances are less than ideal compromises have to be made. If more compromises have been made than your body can resource, homeostasis is lost and ill health ensues. 

Some people have periodic Craniosacral sessions as a means of staying in tip top health, similar to getting the car serviced. Others choose to have a series of sessions to help them through a period of ill health or to help resolve the present day symptoms of a past trauma. Anyone interested in maximising their health could find Craniosacral Therapy useful.

The Craniosacral Therapy Association has produced a short film:  "What is Craniosacral Therapy?"


It is worth saying that Craniosacral Therapy does not cure disease. If you are medically ill then you do need to seek medical help. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy however, can support your body's efforts to return to health while receiving medical treatment.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a very light touch, none invasive technique. The practitioner mainly listens, via their hands, to the subtle movements within your body. Often just listening is enough. Your body is already an expert at homeostasis. The practitioner just creates the optimal conditions for your physiology to bring itself back into homeostatic balance.