Mini Case Study - Andrea

This is a brief outline of a series of sessions with one of my clients. Her name and some other key details have been changed to protect her privacy.

Craniosacral Therapy With Ruth

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Andrea, age 52

Symptom Profile

Andrea suffers from anxiety, depression and migraines. She had a traumatic birth that disrupted the mother-baby bonding process. She had meningitis during her 20s and part of the treatment was a highly painful and traumatic lumbar puncture.

My Assessment

Andrea is still suffering from her traumatic experiences. She rarely feels safe and has dissociated from parts of her body and her life story. The meningeal layers of her brain feel sticky with the residue of the infection and the yank of the lumbar puncture is evident in her dural tube.

The Sessions

Every session with Andrea involves a lot of talking as her memories surface and need integrating. Her very early traumatic experiences are from a pre-verbal stage in her life. The memories are entirely emotional, lack a coherent story and are very confusing for her. The hands-on work requires detailed negotiation to help Andrea work out for herself what it feels like to be safe and what she can do to keep herself safe during our work together. It takes about 5 sessions to build enough safety that she starts to feel that there is some hope of recovery. As her skills and confidence develop the history of these traumatic events held in the tissues of her body start to surface, get processed and dissipate. This is difficult and highly emotional work and we have to go very slowly. After several months of weekly sessions Andrea's family start to comment that she seems happier. This is a work in progress and is likely to take some time. Andrea might choose to also work with a psychotherapist to talk it through more thoroughly.

Andrea's Comments

My weekly session with Ruth has become very important to me. For the first time in many months I am feeling hopeful again and life is looking up. At first I really didn’t know what to expect, but I kept an open mind. Ruth listened to me patiently and empathetically as I fumbled to try to explain the indefinable emotional and physical pain I’d felt for many years. I had tried talking therapies in the past and, whilst they’d been of some fleeting comfort, they had never really got to the heart of the problem, probably because I was unable to express what I felt in words. But from the first time I started my Craniosacral Therapy sessions with Ruth I felt that here was someone who really understood where I was coming from and she gave me the confidence that she could help me.


I still don’t understand exactly what Ruth does when she touches my shoulders lightly or gently cradles my head in her hands, but I’ve come to realise I don’t need to know how it works – the important fact is, it does. I feel somehow connected, no longer alone, which allows my body to relax in order to work at healing itself. And it is undoubtedly hard work. Sometimes tears flow, my body shakes, I experience weird sensations, but I sense I am safe in Ruth’s hands and I’m just letting go of past traumatic pain which is trapped in the fabric of my body. At the end of the session I am sometimes exhausted, yes, a bit shivery even, but I feel that the pain and tension have left me; I am calmer, lighter, a bit further forward on my journey.


I know there is no quick fix, but I’ve come a long way in a short time. Ruth has helped me to feel proud of what I’ve achieved so far; I’ve grown in self-confidence, I’m more comfortable in my own skin, my headaches are less frequent - even my teenage daughter has noticed I’m happier! I look forward to each session, and I’m optimistic now that I can continue to build on the progress I’ve made because, with Ruth, I know I am in safe hands.

To enquire about making an appointment get in touch via the contact page.