A step towards health and well-being.

My aim is to support people in their pursuit of health - to enable them to be as healthy as they can within the circumstances of their lives.

Craniosacral Therapy Cambridge

I am a Craniosacral Therapist and a Movement Teacher. Health and well-being are very important to me personally and I prioritise a significant proportion of my time, energy and money on maintaining my health. I exercise regularly. I eat a healthy diet. I meditate every day. I have a fulfilling career. I follow my curiosity to explore life. And I allow time for rest, pleasure and love. I haven't always lived like that.

I used to be stressed and anxious. I hated my work as an accountant. I had chronic lower back pain, tight shoulders and poor sleep habits, I was prone to headaches and eye strain, and I was susceptible to every cold and tummy bug in circulation. My digestive system was struggling, my skin quality was poor and I looked older than my years.

For most of my adult life I have been trying to move towards health. I gradually found and explored a range of healthy lifestyle choices. Pivotal in that journey was when I changed my career and became a Pilates Teacher. Working in an environment focused on health and fitness exposed me to a wider interpretation of health and introduced me to the Complementary Health world. In time I discovered that Craniosacral Therapy really suits me and I trained in that too.


The human body has an astounding capacity to maintain health in a wide variety of challenging circumstances. I find that Craniosacral Therapy is a great way to support my body's innate ability to maintain my health and gives my physiology a nudge in the right direction when my resources are getting overwhelmed.

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Craniosacral Therapy with Ruth

The Craniosacral work also taught me a lot about self regulation. I learnt to truly relax into deep stillness and to hear the subtle cues from my body. Now, when my throat gets scratchy I know I am overdoing things and need to rest to avoid a cold. I notice when I screw up my brain and eyes with concentration and I can often choose to stop before I get a headache. When my thoughts start racing and winding me up into an anxious state I can sometimes calm myself back to stillness.

From time to time I get ill or injured and I do what I can to recover quickly through plenty of rest, natural remedies, and when necessary, complementary health treatments. If I ever do fall seriously ill I will be very grateful for all the medical intervention and professional skills available through the NHS. In the meantime I am intent on staying well and plan, eventually, to die healthy and at peace with myself.


Ruth Hanley, B.C.S.T.

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